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Hey there! I'm Armandina and this my site. I made this website as a task for Writing ESCO, which is an ESL and Web Design course. If you want to contact me, just use the contact form available on this site. Below is my personal Curriculum vitae, which includes examples of sites and well written articles I made before.

Graduated with distinction from New York State
8 years of article marketing experience (specifically intended for Electronic target audience)
7 years of web design experience.
Competent, goal-oriented professional with a taste for specifics.

Employment Experience.
Writing ESCO,2006 - Present
Managing Director
In charge of organizing a international team of writers to match a advanced set of increased objectives and goals.
- Create new records for output, developing production by 30% throughout the world
- Correctly handled regular logs of task distribution
- Handled QA for global generation over a large team of writers

Self Employed Wordpress Website Designer

Additional Skills
Fluent in French
Excellent knowledge utilizing various choice of office software

You can find my work on the following sites


That is why when one had ample sleeping time with comfortable and of highest quality sleeping, that particular individual oozes with energy and appears more energetic, vibrant and young, both in spirit and in looks. However, some special individuals have special sleeping needs... Click here to read more..

Bedroom Ideas

Putting a bed in the middle of the room is not enough. In order to make the most out of a single room, it must be decorated and styled according to the... Read more..

Book Holder

So much of education is primarily accomplished through reading. As they say, “Education is a continuous process”, so, therefore, reading is true... Click here to read more..

Cast Aluminum Furniture

After this process, the cast aluminum can now be used in different items and not just furniture. The most common use of cast aluminum is actually in our kitchens because it is often the materials that cookware is made of. When it comes to furniture, cast aluminum is getting more popular and it is now even being compared to cast iron which has always... More on this page..

Furniture Stores

These products are almost available anywhere, from your local department stores to online retail furniture shops. A buyer like you should be... Find out more...

Coffee Table Designs

In this article, we will discuss different coffee table designs and things you should take into account in choosing the right design for your need. You must first know how this table will be used in your home or for your business.... More on this site..

Family Room Furniture

One of which that creates the deepest and initial impression of your home sweet home is choosing the right type of furniture for family environments. A family room mirrors the kind of family that occupies it. It is great for a family to leave a good impression to its guests or visitors... Source of information..

Furniture Stores Tampa

Giddy and excited for that new apartment in Tampa you’ve been rooting for all summer? And now that you’ve finally signed the contract to make it all yours all of a sudden you realize that you’re standing in the middle of a vast empty space with the only colourful object you can find is the nearly fading colored tiled flooring beneath you. You cannot possibly live in an empty apartment with nothing to sleep on,... Click here to continue..

Furniture Stores Winnipeg

Having a list will let you keep your mind on track and will let you stay on budget. Make sure that your partner and the family understand that there is a list that needs to be followed. Some furniture pieces can be expensive. So take some time to think if there is really a need to replace or update the house furniture. But no one is really stopping you to purchase new furniture. If your... More on this page..

How To Distress Furniture

Furniture is the collective terminology for furnishings which are characteristically mobile or transferable for the purpose of aiding several manly chores such as table for dining, writing and holding any items as well as chairs for seating and many other furnishings. Additionally, furnishings come from various materials such as metals like aluminum, alloy and copper, iron made of steel made like stainless material,... More on this page..

King Size Bed

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a relaxing and comfy bed with neatly tucked and newly laundered clean sheets? Most of the time, our energies for the day get drained out and vacuumed by all the stress we encounter from the workplace, at school or even from the simples thing such as when your on your way home and you get stuck in heavy traffic.... More on this site..

Lighting Toronto

It also features home consultation services within the comforts of your homes. Casa Di Luce - showcases state of the art lighting pieces. It has also wide choices of modernized lighting fixtures suitable for lighting Toronto; from chandeliers of artistic glasses, modern decorative wall piece for holding candles or other light sources, hanging pendants with a choice of glass, modern, track, mini pendant lighting to meet kitchen lightingneeds as well as table lamps. Universal Lamp –... Source of information..

Metal Table Legs

Geometric designs are taken into account for collapsible table designs. The standard height advantage is commonly 18-30” inches from the ground.  Accessibility of table with drawer or... Read more..

Patio Furniture In Toronto

Are you one of those who love staying at the patio? If yes, this article is right for you. Basically, patio is an outdoor space or area used for dining... Click here to read more..

Repurposed Furniture

In short, purchase of such type of furniture replenishes and saves natural resources. Apart from the aforementioned, recycled furnishings are practical buys as it allows financial savings. Most of recyclable furniture waiting for repurposing is sold at a lower price, even the already finished repurposed furniture pieces are still sold at low prices compared to newly made furniture but of the same quality and stylish innovative design, wherein, to some extent the recycled furnishing... Source..

Used Furniture Toronto

The reason why they choose to go to places that sell used stuff is that the quality of the products is still in good shape and they are being sold at half the original price sometimes even lower than that. It’s an excellent bargain considering that it’s almost as if you’ve gotten yourself brand new stuff rather than spending an enormous amount of money for furniture that carry out the same purpose. There are multiple choices... More on this page..

Bar Mirrors

A great bar can never be complete without bar mirrors to decorate the space with. These mirrors are both functional and aesthetical. They do not only make the bar look more spacious but also add a unique style... To read more click here...

Baseball Wallpaper

Yogi Berra, Eddie Clarence Murray a.k.a. Steady Eddie and the like. Apart from popular baseball players, wallpapers can be those that show famous baseball teams. The most renowned teams in this sport include Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants and Atlanta Braves. All of these are members of the Major League Baseball. They have millions of fans in America and each of them has... Click here to read more..

Basement Windows

Having thoughts on renovating your basement? Or redesign it by adding a few extra windows? Here are some tips on what to do when you plan on choosing to put up windows or replace your old ones in your basement. We must ask ourselves this, what are the things that a wise buyer should know and be well acquainted with prior to purchasing brand... Source of information..

Beadboard Paneling

Little tots finger markings on walls can be easily wiped off as well as tots works of arts using crayons are no sweat to wipe out. Kid’s toy mobiles when raced on walls with bead board panel will just bounce only leaving no trace of walls chipped. Allows places or rooms to be personalized or customized to suit different styles... Click here to read more..

California Contractor’s License

The charge of wrong doing will remain in your record and in CSLB in California for 10 years. All the businesses and each one of the workers or contractors who... Source..

Carpet Types

It is important for people to know how to distinguish a carpet from the term “rug” which is more general. Nowadays, the carpet market has grown huge. There are 12 different carpet types to choose from. Each of them has something to offer you for your home sweet home. These types of carpet include the following: The first carpet type is the “woven” carpet. The production of this carpet is done on a loom. It is closely... More on this site..

Closet Design

In North America, a closet is a small space used for hanging clothes and storing other personal things that needs to be hidden and organized. As the word connotes, closets have its own walls and door to conceal personal things. It is usually built inside the bedroom to provide more privacy to the one who owns the house. Its use... Source..

Counter Height

The height of a certain kind of counter should be based on architectural graphic standards. Noticeably, counter height varies from one sort to another. Thus, in a kitchen, the counter for slicing spices is typically lower than mini-bar counter. Again, the interior designer should see to it that he abides by the standards as far as height of the counter... Read more..


In every country around the world there are several companies that are experts in doing the task, which is really... Source of information..

Drywall Finishing

Plaster is a finishing material that is applied over narrow boards in layers. These narrow boards are known as laths and they were directly nailed to the studs. Plaster was pressed into the gaps between laths for adherence. This construction procedure requires a skilled and experienced craftsman. Drywall became popular among builders during the mid- 20th century. It is also known as plasterboard, gypsum... Source..

French Doors

These wooden doors of French style can be made from any of the various wood species available on the market today. Doors like this are changeable because you can have it painted with any color and shade you desire. If you opt for fibreglass, it can give your home a modern or contemporary look while demonstrating a rigid design. Like wood, fibreglass can also be painted any shade or color... Continue reading..

Garage Door Openers

A garage is a place where motored transportations are placed whether for the purpose of just plain parking or service repair purposes. It is built for personal... Source of information..

Heating Floor

One solution to this is by having a heating floor installed inside the house. Floor heating is actually a very popular practice in house construction especially in those places and states where the winters are known to be very cold. But these floors can also be installed to houses anywhere in the world as long as the homeowners will feel that they can benefit from such technology. The most common ways to heat the floors of houses today is... More on this site..

Installing Laminate Flooring

Once the old flooring is removed. Vacuum the space so that do debris and other particles are present. Remove the subfloors and the baseboards as well and replace if they are damaged. If not, you can simply clean them to save money. The next step is to lay on the ground the vapor barrier. This layer is very useful to protect the flooring and to help it last longer. Make sure you follow... To read more click here...

Kitchen Ideas

It is therefore important for your kitchen design to reflect your personal preferences, lifestyle and of course, budget needs. There are so many kitchen ideas you can choose from... Find out more...

Modern Toilet

The toilet is one of the more important parts of the house. A lot of time is actually spent in the comfort rooms. Aside from bathing, there are also very personal activities that you do inside the toilet such as defecating and urinating. A lot of people are really trying to make sure that the toilet exudes this very pleasant ambiance. Aside from getting the toilet cleaned and washed every now and then, sometimes you would need to do... More on this site..

Open Floor Plans

The key idea in this regard is that there is no wasted space in your dwelling. There are various activities that take place in a home and they can be freely performed in a free- flowing floor plan. Additionally, cooking, entertaining guests and dining can be done is a variety of ways. If you are still in search of a new house, best... Source..


The ideas you can formulate for the remodeling of your home need to be planned and organized in order for them to be successful. It is a tradition that when you buy a new house, members of the family should help in painting and landscaping and other things needed to enhance the beauty of the... Source of information..

Air Conditioner

It is automatic for men and women to find a way to survive in whatever situation they are in whether it’s just as simple as adapting to weather changes. But sometimes our bodies aren’t well enough to provide the necessary adaptations in order to survive. Take for example when one becomes sick. That is where the beauty... To read more click here...

Tropical Wallpaper

Putting wallpaper in each gadget is like putting a nametag in it saying “this is mine”. In this modern word, it is important to still keep in touch with what is real – nature. One might consider putting on tropical wallpaper to add to the I-love-the-world motto you have got in your mind.... More on this page..

Types Of Flooring

The all-natural version of shade that is exclusive to bamboo is normally brownish in color or a bit tan. Carpet & Rugs Carpet continues to be utilized for many years and the simply downfall will be the cumbersome installation problems. There are offered carpet... To read more click here...

Dishwasher Reviews

Dishwashers are actually quite common all throughout the kitchens in the country. These are used in homes and these are also used in professional kitchens. Many people prefer having a dishwasher because it makes cleaning the dishes a very easy task. Manual washing will no longer be needed since these kitchen appliances will be... To read more click here...

Refrigerator Reviews

Purchasing your own refrigerator requires necessary recommendation from experts. Those experts on refrigerators are also the intelligent consumers who had been dealing and purchasing different appliances for years. For a buyer to make a wise decision, he needs to check and consider the refrigerator reviews. It has been proven that reviews can seriously... Find out more...

Brooks Real Estate

Brooks Real Estate Located in the county of Newell, Brooks Alberta Canada is a growing city east of Calgary, it's growing with people re-locating to it all the time. Brooks Alberta was officially established in... Source of information..

Guide To Buying A House In Canada - Expert Real Estate Advice And Tips

They can input your requirements, such as a 4-bedroom town house under $400,000 and all the available houses with these factors will come up for you to look at.  The real estate agent can organize visits to houses that you like the look of. Once you have looked around a house the real estate agent is... Read more..

Cobourg Real Estate

Situated on Lake Ontario in Canada, the town of Cobourg offers the charm of country living and the sense of enjoyment living on the waterfront. The living is easy in Cobourg, yet for anyone choosing to call this place their home, Cobourg offers a city lifestyle as well with plenty of dining, shopping and entertainment. Only an hour\'s commute from Toronto,... Click here to read more..

Condos For Sale In NJ

The existing condominiums for sale in NJ are mostly located in the heart of each city and near the state’s major attractions. Condominium... Read more..

Ecuador Real Estate

This country is bordered by Peru and Colombia and to the west is the Pacific coast. Its name implies its specific location on the planet: at the equator. Ecuador is a South American country which is popular for its excellent biodiversity. It is also known for being rich in history and tourist destinations. Peru and Colombia border this vibrant city on the East, North and South. The... Source of information..

House Listing

 Taking this crucial step in consideration before finding a house will allow for your house buying process to be a lot easier.  It will also look better on you to potential sellers and agents, as you are reflecting yourself as a responsible... Source..

Toronto Homes

Toronto is located within the heart of the Greater Toronto Area and is apart of the region of Southern Ontario, commonly referred to as the Golden Horseshoe. This puts its residents within close assess to everything they could possibly wish to have. Toronto is known as a global city as it is Canada’s economic capital and one of the top financial centers in the world. Toronto leads economic sectors in the areas of finance, business services, aerospace, transportation, media,... Click here to read more..

Toronto Homes For Sale

Toronto Homes for Sale Toronto is a wonderful metropolitan city that offers not only superior cultural and recreational facilities but also offers a delightful network of beautiful parks as well as being the business hub of all of Canada. Toronto is great location for any sports lover as Toronto is home... To read more click here...


By doing so, you will be able to assess if the soil needs to be fertilized or not. You also need to consider some factors that might affect a certain area like the amount of sunlight that it gets or the circulation of air. Next, you have to decide what plants are suitable for the area. Would you wish to see flowers there, bushes, shrubs, or trees?... To read more click here...

Toronto Condos

Although these two common living choices differ in those categories they are often much a like. This guide is provided to give you information regarding... Click here to continue..

Homes For Sale

A survey showed that over half of Canada’s new migrants buy homes for sale within the first three years of landing on Canada’s territories. This is a sign that the financial health of incoming migrants to the Canadian area is looking positive. Canada’s new migrants will encounter... Click here to continue..

House Selling Tips - Guide For Homeowners

House Selling Tips Website - House Selling Tips Anyone who has sold a home knows what a daunting process it can be. Whether you can't... Click here to read more..

How To Sell Your Home - Homeowner's Guide To Success

  Selling a home is a very stressful work. You will be dealing with a lot of people and they all have something to say when you talk to them. So, if you are one of the people that considers to sell their home, here... Find out more...

Johnston Real Estate

It is a wonderful place to raise a family. When you plan to live here in Johnston County North Carolina you can expect a very pleasant experience. The local government is friendly and very helpful. That Southern hospitality is wonderful for new residents. Neighbors are fast to welcome you and your family. Local events happen regularly in the county as well. These things offer any new resident the experience that feels like a... Click here to continue..

Mortgage Rates

The difference you get is the amount you would like to finance. You can also use a mortgage calculator to compute the length of time you want to finance... Continue reading..